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Potential or Returning Clients

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How it Works

Step 1. Complete an Interest Form

We ask that all interested potential clients complete an Interest Form. This allows us to determine if our services align with your needs and supports our ability to following up with clear next steps.

Step 2. We Follow Up

If our services do not meet your needs, we will let you know. If they do, we will schedule time with a Team All Aces member to determine if there is values alignment and learn about your situation and needs.

STEP 3: Prepare Proposal & Sign contract
If we each agree to move forward, we will prepare a proposal based on your interest form and our meeting. Once you approve the proposal, we will send you a contract or we will follow your contracting process. We will also send you an intake form to jumpstart the work.
Step 4: Start Our Journey
Once complete, we have our kick-off meeting to get to know each other better, confirm our understanding of the project plan, agree upon our project management approach, and start scheduling our meetings, deliverables, courses, and workshop sessions.


Content Promoter
Earn up to 20% on Content purchased through with Your Unique Link
Project Partner
Join Team All Aces on specific contracts that align with your expertise and interests
Mutual Amplifier
All Affiliate Network Members are amplified through social meidia,, and other channels
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How it Works

Step 1. Complete an Application

We ask that all Affiliate Network members complete an application. This ensures that we are able to vet that people and organizations are who they say they are.

Step 2. We Follow Up

We will send you a follow up email with information about next steps for the level of engagement you would like to have as an affiliate.

STEP 3: Prepare & Sign contract
If there is mutual agreement that we would make a great team, we will prepare a contract.
Step 4: Start Our Journey
Once our contract is signed, we will onboard you during one of our three Affiliate sessions throughout the year.