Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity TransformATION (DIET)

For Racial Justice in the Workplace & Beyond

Speaking Engagements

Explore specific challenges or opportunities that support your strategy: Keynotes, speaker series, panel discussions, and moderation/facilitation. Experienced with conferences, leadership retreats, DEI committees, employee resource groups, and affinity groups. We are happy to figure out what works based on your budget.

Starting at $10,000

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Transformation Assessments

Racial equity audits/assessments to identify opportunities to strengthen DEI strategies and initiatives. Includes surveying, focus groups, and disaggregated analysis of quantitative and qualitative data by demographics. We provide insights that are actionable so you can have the most impact.

Starting at $33,500

Experiential & Interactive Instructor-Guided Courses (Virtual)

We offer instructor-led virtual learning experiences and self-guided courses onIntentionallyAct.com. Our courses provide engaging, insightful, and practical lessons to internalize and not just intellectualize concepts and approaches. We can also develop customized courses to meet your needs.Our flagship learning experience is the Dignity Activity, which helps develop shared language and understanding to prepare organizations to enter into more meaningful action planning.

Starting at $10,000 for up to 25 people

Customized Learning Experiences

Team All Aces will work closely with you to develop a learning experience or workshop. We will make sure we address your particular challenge or opportunity so you can gain deeper insight and identify ways to take action in the context of your operations and culture.

Starting at $15,000 for up to 25 people

Ask All Aces Session

This session supports leaders and organizations to get their toughest questions answered - whether you are a current client or a new one. There are times when we all struggle to figure out the next step or we are faced with an emergent challenge. Team All Aces is here to support you with recommendations for additional resources, approaches, and expanding the landscape of action. We host one prep session to understand the context and identify resources to bring and information to cover. For groups of up to 15 people.


All Aces Disruptor Group

The All Aces Disruptor Group is designed for people with formal, informal, and supportive roles in an organization’s racial equity/DEI work. The monthly sessions are a combination of a support group and group coaching with the opportunity to network. Members have access to other professionals with similar roles in their organizations as well as member-only tools and resources.

$1,200 per year/person

Special Projects

All Aces works with organizations on projects or initiatives to intentionally embed racial and social equity. We have supported community planning efforts, written white papers and special reports, etc. We have partnered with clients on projects related to emergency/disaster management, urban planning, climate action, and more.

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